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Suara Bahasa Jepun: Rika Matsumoto; Hana Takeda (umur 6; siri baru, SS001)
Suara Bahasa Melayu: :
Satoshi adalah protagonis utama Pokémon anime. Seorang jurulatih Pokémon yang berumur 10 tahun, impiannya adalah untuk menjadi Pokémon Master yang paling hebat di dunia. Dia sikit berdasarkan atas Red,protagonis permainan video Pokémon Red dan Blue. Didalam siri ini, Satoshi bersaing dalam Liga Pokémon di Kanto, Kepulauan Oren, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Isshu, Kalos, dan Alola, dan juga bersaing dalam Battle Frontier di Kanto. Kini Satoshi bekerja di Institusi Sakuragi sebagai penolong penyelidik bersama rakan barunya Gou dan menerima seutas Dynamax Band dari Juara Wilayah Galar Dande untuk Kyodaimax Pikachu dia.
Suara Bahasa Jepun: Mayumi Iizuka (Jepun),
Suara Bahasa Melayu:
Rakan pengembara Satoshi yang pertama, Kasumi adalah seorang jurulatih Pokémon yang berumur 12 tahun yang mengembara dengannya sepanjang 3 siri pertama. Dia adalah salah satu daripada empat ketua Gim Bandar Hanada bersama dengan tiga orang kakaknya. Impiannya adalah untuk menjadi "Pokémon Master Air" yang paling hebat di dunia, tetapi cara dia untuk capainya tidak dijelaskan. Pada permulaan siri asal, dia sentiasa diperlekehkan oleh kakaknya. Pada penghujung siri asal, dia mengambil alih Gim Bandar Hanada. Kasumi adalah watak utama dalam siri asal dengan penampilan tetamu dalam siri Advanced Generation dan Sun & Moon.
Suara Bahasa Jepun: Yūji Ueda
Suara Bahasa Melayu:
Takeshi adalah seorang penternak Pokémon yang berumur 15 tahun, bekas ketua Gim Bandar Nibi. Dalam penampilan awalnya, Takeshi impikan untuk menjadi Penternak Pokémon tetapi kemudian menukar impiannya menjadi Pokémon Doktor. Dalam kemunculan awalnya, Takeshi mempunyai impian untuk menjadi Penternak Pokémon terhebat di dunia tetapi kemudian menukar impiannya untuk menjadi seorang Pokémon Doktor. There is a running gag in the series where Brock falls in love with every girl (including Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy) and is either pulled away by the ear by Misty or Max, or is hit with Croagunk's Poison Jab, temporarily knocking him unconscious. Brock leaves the main cast at the end of the Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors season to become a Pokémon Doctor.
Suara Bahasa Jepun: Tomokazu Seki
Suara Bahasa Melayu:
Salah satu rakan kembara Satoshi sepanjang siri ke-2, ditetapkan di Kepulauan Oren, Kenji adalah seorang pemerhati Pokémon, dan seorang pembantu kepada Profesor Okido di Pekan Masara.[1] Nama terakhirnya dalam versi Inggeris ialah pan kerana dia melakar Pokémon. Kenji menggantikan Takeshi sebagai watak utama dalam Pokémon: Episod Kepulauan Orange, dengan menjadi tetamu pada musim 5, 8 dan 9.
Suara Bahasa Jepun: Kaori Suzuki
Suara Bahasa Melayu:

Haruka adalah anak perempuan ketua Gim Bandar Touka, Senri, yang berusia 10 tahun dan kakak kepada Masato. Dia bertemu Satoshi di Hoenn dan mula mengembara bersamanya selepas memperolehi Pokémon pertamanya, Achamo. Dia asalnya tidak menyukai Pokémon, but soon takes interest in Pokémon Contests, entering Contests with Pokémon she raises on her team. After entering contests she soon develops rivalries with other contest participants, Drew, Harley, and Jessie of Team Rocket, and goes on to win many contests. May travels through Hoenn and Kanto with Ash and Brock whilst Ash is competing in the Hoenn League and Battle Frontier, respectively. While Ash and Brock choose to travel to Sinnoh, May decides to follow her rivals to Johto instead. However, she visits Ash, Brock, and Dawn in Sinnoh to participate in the Wallace Cup. She is known as the "Princess of Hoenn", an alias by which Dawn refers her when the two first meet.

Japanese voice: Fushigi Yamada
English voices: Amy Birnbaum (4Kids), Kayzie Rogers (TPCI)
Korean voices: Kim Seo-yeong, Moon Nam-suk
Max is the 7-year-old son of the Petalburg City Gym Leader, Norman, and the brother of May. He joins the group of Ash, May and Pokémon breeder Brock. Max is a budding Pokémon trainer, but is too young to receive a Pokémon.[2] He is a bookworm who has read just about everything written about Pokémon.[1] He remains a Pokémon enthusiast until he and May leave Ash and Brock at the end of Battle Frontier, in which he returns to Hoenn to help take care of the Petalburg Gym. He is again seen as a flashback in DP Battle Dimension. Max has received just two cameos since his departure, triggered by May's brief return for the Wallace Cup arc.
Japanese voice: Megumi Toyoguchi
English voice: Emily Bauer
Korean voice: Jeong Mi-suk
Dawn is a 10-year-old Pokémon Coordinator who travels with Ash and Brock and replaces May in seasons 10 to 13. Following in her mother's footsteps as a Coordinator, she chooses Piplup, who she had already befriended at an earlier point, and sets out with the goal of winning the Grand Festival. As a native of Sinnoh, she often explains certain aspects of the region unfamiliar to both Ash and Brock, and keeps up to date with popular trends like the Pokétch. As she participates and win in more Contests, Dawn gradually becomes more confident in her skills as a Coordinator and regularly trains with her Pokémon before every contest. Her catchphrase is "No need to worry!", but she usually says this when there actually is a need to worry. Although she originally planned to participate in the Kanto contests, she decides to remain in Sinnoh when her Buneary is offered to model for a Pokémon magazine. Dawn is very saddened to leave Ash and Brock, but she and Piplup cheer up and wave goodbye as they return to Kanto. She later decides to travel to Hoenn to take part in the contests there. After obtaining all five of her Hoenn contest ribbons, Dawn travels to Eastern Unova to train for the Grand Festival and helps Ash prepare for the Unova League.
Japanese voice: Aoi Yūki[3]
English voices: Eileen Stevens, Cherami Leigh (Pokémon Generations)
Korean voice: Jang Kyung-hui
Salah satu rakan Ash dalam Musim 14 hingga 16. Berasal dari sebuah kampung dimana terdapat banyak Pokémon jenis naga, Iris adalah seorang Jurulatih Pokémon yang trainer who swings from vines and likes to eat berries. Dia pertama kali bertemu Ash when he mistakes her for a Pokémon. She tends to call Ash a kid, usually when Ash makes a mistake or acts particularly naïve. Dia mempunyai Pokémon Jenis Naga, Axew ,sebagai rakannya.
Japanese voice: Mamoru Miyano[3]
English voice: Jason Griffith
Korean voice: Nam Do-hyung
Cilan is an A-Class Pokémon Connoisseur who has the ability to determine the compatibility between Pokémon and their trainers. He travels with Ash in seasons 14 to 16. He is also one of the first Gym Leaders of the Unova League, a position he shares with his brothers Chili and Cress, but he leaves his post to join Ash and Iris on their journey. He has numerous hobbies seen throughout the series such as fishing, cinema, and subway trains. He considers himself a good detective and is very skeptical about anything that there isn't an immediate logical explanation for. He has the Grass-Type Pokémon Pansage as his partner. He is a sort of mentor/supporting figure to Ash and Iris.[4][5]
Japanese voice: Mayuki Makiguchi
English voice: Haven Burton-Paschall
Korean voice: Kim Hyun-ji
Serena is a Pokémon performer and Ash's first childhood friend. She remembers Ash from when the two of them attended the Oak summer camp in Pallet Town. During this time, Serena had fallen and injured her leg and Ash then helped her with her injury. After learning that Ash is in Kalos, and still having feelings for him, she decides to leave home to reunite with him, and upon doing so comes along with him on his journey during seasons 17 to 19 (despite having no specified goal). After experiencing numerous events like the Sycamore summer camp, she learns about Pokémon Showcases from Shauna, and decides to become a Pokémon Performer. Following a heartbreaking loss in her debut Showcase, as a sign of her new resolve she cuts her hair and begins wearing a new outfit. After obtaining three Princess Keys, she competes in the Gloire City Master Class Showcase, ultimately going one-on-one with Kalos Queen Aria, whom she is unsuccessful in defeating. However, not deterred by her loss, she vows to keep on working hard, just like Ash inspires her to do.
Japanese voice: Yūki Kaji
English voice: Michael Liscio, Jr.
Korean voice: Sim Gyu-hyeok
Clemont adalah seorang Ketua Gim dari Gim Bandar Lumiose. Dia adalah seorang pencipta yang muda dan selalu mempunyai segalas beg yang besar yang mempunyai beberapa gajet yang pelik, kebanyakan darinya meletup. He is also one of Ash's close friends. He, along with his sister Bonnie, continue Brock's running gag, only he drags Bonnie off with his Aipom Arm out of embarrassment when she asks some girl to marry him (except Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy), instead of the other way around. Out of intense admiration for Ash, he travels with him during seasons 17 to 19 to become a better Gym Leader. This culminates when Ash challenges and successfully defeats Clemont at the Lumiose Gym, acquiring his fifth badge in Kalos. Before Ash leaves Kalos, he asks for one final battle with Ash, and the result of the battle is left ambiguous to the viewer. He is a bit different from previous male companions, as in that Ash is a sort of mentor figure to him, not the other way around, like Brock and Cilan.
Japanese voices: Mariya Ise (EP803-887, 903-942); Mika Kanai (EP888-902)
English voice: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Korean voice: Jo Gyung-i
Bonnie adalah seorang bakal jurulatih Pokémon dan adik perempuan Clemont. Dia lebih matang dari Clemont dan selalu cuba untuk menghalang perangai peliknya. Kerana dia bawah umur , Pokémon dia secara nominal milik Clemont buat masa sekarang. Bonnie selalu dilihat bersama dengan seekor Dedenne, ditangkap oleh Clemont.
  • Lillie (リーリエ, Rīrie)
Japanese voice: Kei Shindō
English voice: Laurie Hymes
Korean voice: Yoon Ah-young
Lillie adalah salah satu murid di Sekolah Pokémon Pulau Melemele. Berasal dari keluarga yang sangat kaya, dia suka belajar dan selalu menolong murid-murid yang lain dengan penyelidikan mereka, tetapi entah bagaimana mempunyai ketakutan untuk menyentuh mana-mana jenis Pokémon, walaupun dapat berinteraksi dengan Pokémon secara biasa ketika dia masih kecil. Empat tahun sebelum penampilannya dalam siri ini, she somehow developed her a fear of touching Pokémon during a travel with her mother Lusamine and brother Gladion, but slowly learns to overcome it in the series, getting used with an Alolan Vulpix nicknamed "Snowy" she raises from egg before becoming her partner Pokémon, along with other Pokémon. However, after seeing one of her brother's Pokémon, Silvally, it triggers a part of her childhood trauma which causes her to not be able to touch Pokémon again. Her fear later ends when she realizes that Silvally was protecting her from an Ultra Beast called Nihilego, rather than attacking her. Later, after helping some wild Alolan Sandshrew deal with a Tyranitar, the leader Sandshrew evolves into a Sandslash and gives her an Icium Z. She keeps an Ice Stone given to her by Sophocles in the hope that Snowy will use it to evolve one day. Later, Lillie obtained her father's Z-Ring which she is holding onto until he was found.
  • Kiawe (カキ, Kaki)
Japanese voice: Kaito Ishikawa
English voice: Marc Swint
Korean voice: Joo Won Jeong
Among the students at the Pokémon School of Melemele Island who befriend Ash in seasons 20 to 22, Kiawe is the oldest and most experienced, being the only among them to have cleared Akala Island grand trial to be entrusted with a Z-Ring along with Firium Z that once belonged to his grandfather, becoming the first member of the group who can use Z-Moves. Kiawe owns a Turtonator also he owns an Alolan Marowak which he caught in "A Crowning Moment of Truth!" as their his trusted Pokémon partners. He runs a dairy farm on Akala Island along his parents, and also has a little sister called Mimo, whom he dotes on. He specializes in Fire-type Pokémon, due to being inspired by his grandfather's words. Kiawe's family runs a farm on Akala Island, so he helps out there while also attending school. As the most senior in the class, Kiawe is a very serious person. When he is home he tends to be overprotective of his younger sister. He is also serious when it goes to old traditions, especially with the Z-Ring and the Z-Crystals. When he first sees Ash with the Z-Ring, he shows signs of disapproval, since Ash gets it without completing the challenges. When Ash misplaces a Z-Crystal, he becomes enraged and threatens to send his Turtonator at him. It seems that Kiawe doesn't know how to interact with Water-type Pokémon, as he admits that he wasn't sure of how to deal with Popplio at first, instead having his sister play with it instead. In "When Regions Collide!", Kiawe is shown to be very competitive when he challenges Brock into a real Gym battle at the Cerulean City Gym by using his Turtonator against his Steelix. But after being defeated by Brock and before departed in Alola, Kiawe develops a friendly rivalry with him.
  • Mallow (マオ, Mao)
Japanese voice: Reina Ueda
English voice: Rebecca Soler
Korean voice: Kim Yul
Mallow adalah salah satu murid di Sekolah Pokémon Pulau Melemele yang berkawan dengan Ash dalam musim ke-20 hingga 22. Dia suka memasak dan pakar dalam Pokémon jenis rumput, memiliki seekor Bounsweet, yang ditangkap oleh ibunya semasa dia masa kecil, yang berevolusi menjadi Steenee dan kemudian berevolusi lagi menjadi Tsareena sebagai rakan Pokémonnya. Also, Mallow is taking care of the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin until the day it can change into its sky form and fly away. Mallow is an active girl who is also a bit of a scatterbrain. She helps out at Aina's Kitchen and her family runs by attracting customers to come in and eat. Mallow is a dedicated chef, who would go through miles of distance to find exotic ingredients or a new recipe. After helping a longtime family friend to her father and herself along with receiving a Grassium Z from Tapu Koko, Mallow obtained a Z-Ring from Oranguru.
  • Lana (スイレン, Suiren)
Japanese voice: Hitomi Kikuchi
English voice: Rosie K. Reyes
Lana adalah salah satu murid di Sekolah Pokémon School Pulau Melemele yang berkawan dengan Ash dalam musim ke-20 hingga 22. Dia pakar dalam memancing dan suka Pokémon jenis air. Lana has a caring relationship with her two Pokémon partners which is a Popplio that she rescued from some Team Skull Grunts which later evolves into Brionne then evolves again into Primarina also she owns an Eevee which she nicknamed Sandy and it even had bangs that were covering its eyes before she eventually cuts them off. Lana lives on a seaside house with her parents and little sisters, Harper and Sarah. While Lana is usually quiet, she is actually a girl of action. Lana is generally kind and caring to Pokémon. Lana likes to scares her friends with haunted stories. In addition, she sometimes even jokes having seen or caught a very rare Pokémon in the sea. Lana finds a Sparkling Stone during a treasure hunt on Akala Island which is later made into a Z-Ring for her, and a Waterium Z from a Totem Wishiwashi after she wins a battle against it.
  • Sophocles (マーマネ, Māmane)
Japanese voice: Fumiko Takekuma
English voice: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Sophocles is one of the students at the Pokémon School of Melemele Island who befriends Ash in seasons 20 to 22. He specializes in Electric-type Pokémon and is good with machines. Sophocles has a Togedemaru and a Charjabug which has since evolved into Vikavolt as his Pokémon partners. Sophocles is also a science nerd with a vast knowledge of technology. When he gets into something, he analyzes the subject very thoroughly. He is also well-skilled in programming. In "A Shocking Grocery Run!", it is revealed that Sophocles has scotophobia, a fear of dark places. After the events of the Vikavolt race he entered in, Sophocles obtained a Z-Ring from Hapu.
  • Go (ゴウ, )
Japanese voices: Daiki Yamashita, Kei Shindō (age 6; new series, SS001)
Korean voice: Song Harim
Go is a stylish city boy and a new Pokémon Trainer who prefers to stay calm and collected, in contrast to the more instinctive and adventurous Ash. His overconfidence has left him mostly isolated, with the exception of his friends Koharu and Ash. Menurut Koharu, Go terkenal untuk memonteng sekolah untuk berjalan-jalan disekitar bandar, yang mengecewakannya. Despite his calm personality, he can also become hot-blooded when his opinion is challenged, and he will not hesitate to defend others when he sees them being mistreated, which helped him bond with a wild Scorbunny in SS004. Go likes to throw his Poké Balls with a curve, but his aim tends to be off. Though he seems athletic, Go lacks good climbing skills despite his efforts to get better at it. He is also highly knowledgeable about Pokémon, being fairly adept at information-gathering and analyzing, both of which were useful in gathering clues. Despite his deep knowledge of Pokémon, Go is still a rookie Trainer and lacks experience, best evidenced by his tendency to throw Poké Balls at any Pokémon he encounters, rather than weaken them through battle as is the usual practice. This usually backfires on Go in the long run. For example, in SS010, he recklessly wasted all of the Poké Balls he was given to catch a single Dewgong, which resulted in him being unable to catch the Dratini evolutionary line when he and Ash encountered them. His lack of expertise is also evidenced in his battles, where he shows a tactical, by-the-book approach of exploiting type advantages, but is unable to properly respond against more seasoned adversaries, which leads to a crushing defeat. Go tends to yell "Go!" when sending out his Pokémon or throwing Poké Balls.
  • Koharu (コハル, Koharu)
Japanese voice: Kana Hanazawa
Koharu is overly cautious and takes a realistic approach to life. She finds Go's confidence and big ideas to be irritating, and often reminds her friend to mind his manners. She appears distant and indifferent to others, as seen when she tends to ignore Ash. Koharu's aloofness appears to stem from her own uncertainty of what goals she wants to pursue, and she is bothered by her classmates assuming she will follow her father's footsteps and become a Pokémon researcher, and that she must be a good battler. After a conversation with her mother and working together with Yamper to defeat an attacking Gengar, Koharu appears to grow closer to her Pokémon and become more certain of herself.

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