I used to speak Malay with my friends in primary school. Now after years away from Malaysia, it's all forgotten.

Left sunting

I am no longer active on this wikipedia (actually I wasn't ever very active; I just plan to be even less so from now on).

See my English page.

Tools sunting

Parallel texts, article contexts, and some handy dictionaries:

Templates sunting

See /Templates

Fragments of Malay sunting

It would probably be more respectful of the Malayness of if I learned to say the following...

fmt (format)
rm attr (removed attribution)
wrong title

Ideas sunting

Stuff for me, or anyone else with time to do...

  1. Send the press release (see en:How to send a press release)
  2. Learn Malay
  3. Recruit university/school people to contribute (or to get their students to contribute)
  4. Ask people for the right to use photos

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