Hai, my name is Nuri Kittynesa. This is not my real name though but I really love it especially "Nuri".

The reason I want to became Wikipidean is to translate many useful information to my language so that many people can enjoy it and to widened information source around the world to my language. I make this decision because I disappointed with my people that has broken the language into many version and dialect. But there also some useful of it. I really love Bahasa Melayu even though I'm not that great at it. But still, already familiar with it and how translate it from English. Live in this country with many language is difficult. Thank god Malay is my original language and the official language here. I know the lack of use in this language is because of shortage of translated source in Malay. We're too looked up on English, dll and idiotly proud of it until neglect our own. That's what I saw nowaday in my society. There's also other race language from other country brought in and make the competitiveness became average. So my dream is to be a translator at my free time. The real language does not change in book(wiki), they are permanent and that's why I love it. Forever in internet until to the next generation and so on. It's enough to make me happy and greatly introduce to me some new words. Benefit for me because I can translate difficult sentences became understood in Malay. With that I hope everyone can depend on it and discover unexpected things at other country globally.

Thank you, Wikipedia. Please make my dream come true. Sincere from my heart.