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Haliza AbdullahSunting


Haliza Abdullah

Name Haliza Binti Abdullah
Born 27th May 1967,

Batu Pahat, Johor

Political Party UMNO ,

Barisan Nasional

Occupation Lawyer

Haliza Abdullah (born 27th May 1967) is a Malaysian politician serving in United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and a lawyer in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Haliza is the current Head of UMNO’s Women’s Wing (“Wanita UMNO”) in Batu Pahat, Secretary for the Advocacy and Legislation Bureau of Wanita Umno and is the current Barisan Nasional Candidate for Parliamentary Seat P.150 Batu Pahat for Malaysia’s 14th General Election.


Haliza was an active student in academics and also leadership roles. She attended the Sekolah Menengah (Perempuan) Temenggung Ibrahim in Batu Pahat. She then attended International Islamic University Malaysia Kulliyyah of Laws and graduated in 1992. Haliza commenced legal practice at Messrs. Syed Ibrahim & Co in 1995 but soon served as an SUSK to YB Dato Abu Bakar bin Daud, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. She then continued her tenure under YB Dato’ Zainal bin Dahlan under the same ministry.

Haliza left public service in 2002 to return to Batu Pahat to serve the community she was raised in. She started her own law firm, Tetuan Haliza Abdullah & Associates and continued with her political aspirations. In 2006, Haliza was awarded the “Tokoh Belia Wanita Negeri Johor” by the Johor State Government.

She was elected as Head of Puteri Wing of Batu Pahat in October 2002, and subsequently the Head of Puteri Wing for the state of Johor in November 2002. Haliza also served as the “pengerusi majlis pembangunan wanita, keluarga dan masyarakat parlimen batu pahat” and  a member of“majlis pembandaran batu pahat” for 3 terms.

Community EngagementSunting

Haliza is active in numerous social causes. She is presently the chairperson of a local Batu Pahat NGO Angkatan Sukarelawan Batu Pahat (ASWA) and is the treasurer for Lawyers Friends For Life, a non-governmental organization that gathers practicing lawyers which helps on various local legal issues.


Haliza spends her free time doing various activities with her four children. She enjoys reading, cooking, and listening to music


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