Nederlands Dit account is van nl:Gebruiker:Tuvic en wordt enkel sporadisch gebruikt. Voor overleg: nl:Overleg gebruiker:Tuvic.

English This account is used by nl:Gebruiker:Tuvic. Talk: nl:Overleg gebruiker:Tuvic.

Welcome to the Malay Wikipedia!

Should you need any assistance, you may contact me or any one of our ambassadors listed at our embassy. You may also leave a message there for the attention of the whole Malay Wikipedia community. Should the assistance you require be technical in nature, please leave a note with one of our administrators. Enjoy your stay here at the Malay Wikipedia! — Alistair 阿力斯特伊儿 01:25, 5 Julai 2006 (UTC)
  • Thank you for your welcome. But I'm not going to contribute actively, but just as owner of TuvicBot, my interwikibot. I'm sorry :-). --Tuvic 15:22, 15 Julai 2006 (UTC)