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Hello. You seem to be very productive. Maybe you might want to create a User page or hang out on #wikipedia? (Sorry I forgot how to speak Malay) Kowey 11:53, 8 Nov 2003 (UTC)

':) Thanks. I'm a bit tight on time. Usually I wrote all those offline and just update it. Most items is abridge material from my main page. That is why I put a link back to my main page as a longer version on some of the description is updated in my web pages. I might let go the copywrite and post full description at Wikipedia, but not at the moment. :< It is interesting to see so much interest from non malay user based on their comments. Bye now. It is office time already!


Hi, Imran William Smith here of MIMOS. We already have a user interface localized that was based on Wikipedia as of about January 2003. Since there are slight changes to both software since then, maybe a small amount of edits necessary. See the localized wiki at If you have time to make the necessary edits and submit to the relevant programmer at wikipedia (Brion Vibber or similar if I remember) we can send you our existing UI file localized in BM. Azah in our team should be able to provide the file : 08:34, 18 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Hi. Maybe you (William Smith) could consider posting the interface as meta:LanguageMs.php? BTW maybe you would find it useful to create an account?
It would also be nice if we got a Malay version of the new logo. Yosri, could you please supply a translation of Wikipedia / The Free Encylopedia on meta:Wikipedia_subtitle_translations? I'll post a message requesting a translated version of the logo. -- Kowey 09:51, 27 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Hi, I notice that meta has "Ensaiklopedia percuma" (probably you?). Which sense of free is that? uses "bebas" a lot, that is, "free" as in "freedom". Does "percuma" mean "free" as in "no cost" or does it mean both? Would "Ensaiklopedia Bebas" work as a translation? Thanks -- Kowey 11:38, 28 Nov 2003 (UTC)
bebas is usually used in term of release/excape/free from restriction. Percuma is used in term of "free usage" or "buy one, free one". You can use the word Percuma if you mean "The Free Encyclopedia" as to be given freely, the word is Percuma, otherwise if you mean can be used with out any (previously) restriction the best word is Bebas.

Interesting. Well, thanks for the Malay lesson. I'll change it to bebas because it seems closer to what we're looking for. Thanks! -- Kowey 12:33, 28 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Good morning! Take a look at meta:User:Brion_VIBBER/Todo_list for an image of the Malay logo. Acceptable? If so we'll just have to wait for Brion to find time. -- Kowey 00:52, 29 Nov 2003 (UTC)


O.K. I'm not to fussy about this. A logo in Malay. Wowwww!!! Thanks... Yosri 01:38, 29 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Hi Yosri,

Just wanted to let you know that I am starting to remove links like

I understand that you had a good reason for putting them there (because your page contains more complete information on these topics), but I think there is a danger of making people think that articles have an "author". We do not want people to feel shy about editing pages because they think somebody else "owns" it. Naturally, if there are special cases where your page does include much more useful information (like Ebola... wow!) we should link it.

What do you think?


-- Kowey 00:25, 7 Dec 2003 (UTC)

.... O.K.

Not a problem with me. By the way, can you assist to lod the new Wikipedia Logo. Yosri 04:19, 8 Dec 2003 (UTC)

We need a developer's (Brion's) help on this. I have put this on this todo list, but we will have to wait because he is very busy. Also, Inram William Smith has sent me his Malay wiki interface. I'll work on it and post it as soon as possible. -- Kowey 10:24, 8 Dec 2003 (UTC)


The Malay interface is now available for editing at meta:LanguageMs.php . Maybe you would like to help? The talk page meta:Talk:LanguageMs.php has a list of things which need to be translated.

I think it would be great for ms.wikipedia to be totally in Malay. Except of course, i won't understand it anymore :-)

-- Kowey 19:04, 11 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Hi again, I noticed your changes to meta:LanguageMs.php. One question. Is it safe to replace 'edit' with 'sunting' everywhere? For example, does 'sunting halaman ini' make any sense? Also what do we do with 'mengedit'? -- Kowey 15:47, 19 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Seems o.k. to replace edit with "sunting". mengedit can be change with "menyunting" (men)indicate it is a verb /an action. Yosri 15:55, 19 Dec 2003 (UTC)


Yosri, I would like to nominate you and me as sysops for Malay wikipedia. Would you accept this nomination? As for me, I don't want this job for very long, just enough to put Samuel's suggestion into place. -- Kowey 10:07, 21 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Yes. I'm interested. Yosri 04:25, 22 Dec 2003 (UTC)

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