Peti pos

Peti pos (Bahasa Inggeris British atau peti mel) merupakan sebuah peti yang digunakan untuk mengutip surat untuk dikirimkan (ke suatu destinasi). Peti pos boleh juga merujuk kepada sebuah peti surat untuk mel sampai.

Peti pos di Australia
Peti kuning digunakan untuk mel ekspres.
Peti surat Paris pertama dari sekitar 1850

Kelainan peti pos (untuk mel dikirimkan keluar) termasuklah:







  1. ^ All Royal Mail / GPO post boxes were painted BS 538 Post Office Red between 1874 and 1969. With the introduction of the K8 Telephone kiosk in 1969, a new "red" colour was adopted for GPO street furniture, designated B.S. 539 Post Haste Red. After British Telecom and Royal Mail were split by the British Government, BT continued to use BS539 exclusively, whilst Royal Mail use both BS538 and BS539 in a seemingly random way. Prior to 1859 there was no standard colour although there is a document in the BPMA archive indicating that optionally, the lettering and Royal cypher could be picked out in white or black. In 1859, a bronze green colour became standard until 1874. It took ten years for every box to be repainted during this period).