Templat ini boleh digunakan untuk memaparkan penghampiran kecil kit bola sepak (atau ragbi) dala rencana.

Penggunaan sunting

Templat ini paling baik digunakan sebagai sub-templat kotak maklumat seperti {{Infobox Football club}} atau {{Infobox National football team}}. Lihat templat tersebut untuk butiran penggunaan.

Untuk memasukkan tika kendiri kit bola sepak pada laman, gunakan {{Football kit box}}.

You may specify the optional parameter "filetype" to use a different image format than the default PNG. Setting "filetype = svg" will use SVG files instead. However, you must first ensure that all of the images you want to use exist in a SVG format. Currently, most images only exist as PNG files and will not work with the SVG setting.

Contoh sunting

Jersey with blue and white vertical stripes, blue shorts, and blue socks
{{Football kit
|alt        = Jersey with blue and white vertical stripes, blue shorts, and blue socks
|pattern_la = _white_stripes
|pattern_b  = _white_stripes
|pattern_ra = _red_stripes
|pattern_sh = 
|pattern_so = 
|leftarm    = 1F24B4
|body       = FFFFFF
|rightarm   = 1F24B4
|shorts     = 1F24B4
|socks      = 1F24B4
|title      = Principal

The |alt= parameter is for visually impaired readers; see Wikipedia:Alternative text for images. The |pattern_ra= parameter is the pattern modifier for the right arm, e.g. "_white_stripes" would change the right arm to kit_right_arm_white_stripes.png.

Mencipta pola baru sunting

To create a new pattern template follow the examples below. When you have created a new pattern please add it to the list below. Do not create patterns for minor details on a kit, the template is for showing basic team colours. It is not supposed to be an accurate drawing of the kit.

How to name your file
  • Start with Kit_body_ / Kit_right_arm_ / Kit_left_arm_ as required, and end with .png (lower case).
  • Never use the word transparent in your file. All files should have one transparent colour.
  • Multiple vertical lines are called colourstripes.
  • Single vertical lines are called colourvertical.
  • Multiple horizontal lines are called colourhoops.
  • Single horizontal lines are called colourhorizontal.
  • Halves are called colourhalf.
  • Sashes are called colourrightsash (/) or colourleftsash (\).

Make sure to include {{Football kit template}} on the image description page.

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