This template has been designed so that it can be used both in articles that adopt the BC/AD date notation and those that adopt the BCE/CE date notation without forcing some articles to have inconsistent style.

It will display BCE/CE notation unless the template gives the parameter BC a value. For instance {{HistoryOfSouthAsia}} will give BCE/CE notation, {{HistoryOfSouthAsia|BC=1}} will give BC/AD notation.

It can be edited as normal, but with the following exception:

  • Instead of writing BCE or BC write {{#if: {{{BC|}}}|SM|SM}}
  • Instead of writing CE or AD write {{#if: {{{BC|}}}|Masihi|Masihi}}

This functionality is necessitated by the Wikipedia:Manual of Style requirement that BC-AD and BCE-CE do not both appear in the same article.

Sejarah Asia Selatan
Sejarah India
Zaman Batu sebelum 3300 SM
- Budaya Mehrgarh 7000–3300 SM
Tamadun Lembah Indus 3300–1700 SM
- Budaya Harappa Akhir 1700–1300 SM
Pemerintahan Syarikat di India 1757–1858 Masihi
India British 1858–1947 Masihi
Pemecahan India 1947 Masihi
Sejarah Sri Lanka
Sejarah negara
Sejarah khusus
Duit syilingDinastiEkonomi
TenteraSains dan TeknologiGaris masa

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