Pendokumenan templat sunting

Templat ini ialah sebuah tiang tanda. Ia direka untuk digunakan pada laman perbincangan, untuk memberi:

  • pengenalan ringkas dan pautan berkaitan untuk pendatang baru.
  • peringatan tentang dasar kepada pengguna Wikipedia yang lebih berpengalaman.

Untuk menambah templat ini ke laman perbincangan, sunting sahaja laman tersebut, dan letakkan {{talkheader}} di bahagian atas laman (di atas perbincangan yang sudah wujud).

Selaras dengan garis panduan Wikipedia dan perbincangan Kedai Kopi, jangan cipta laman perbincangan hanya untuk meletakkan templat ini. Ia akan diletakkan secara automatik oleh perisian MediaWiki apabila ada perbincangan mengenai rencana. Manakala bagi laman perbincangan ruang nama lain, cuma guna apabila perlu. Elakkan menambahnya pada laman perbincangan kosong. Perbuatan ini akan menukar tab "perbincangan" di atas laman daripada "merah" menjadi "biru", dan akan membuatkan orang menyangka terdapat perbincangan.

Templat ini ialah sebuah rujukan sendiri.

Sebelum menyunting templat ini sunting

Sila bincang sebelum membuat perubahan kepada templat ini.

You can use {{Talkheader/Draft}} as a "working draft" to propose changes. (Please do not include the draft in "actual use".)

This template is very widely used. Unannounced action tends to lead to a flurry of editing. Differences in personal taste can lead to perpetual tweaking. See high-risk template, transclusion costs, exceptions to WP:BOLD, and edit war for more on this (but see also be bold, don't worry about performance, and ignore all rules).

As noted, this template is somewhat esoteric. Edits have to be carefully considered, or they may cause unanticipated problems. It makes extensive use of template syntax, including m:ParserFunctions. It suffers from the "qif problem" and uses the {{!}} template to work around it.

By design, this template appears differently depending on which namespace it is used in. That means you have to test changes in multiple locations to be sure it works everywhere. To see how a proposed change will appear on an article talk page: First edit the draft draft, then go to an article talk page, add/change {{Talkheader/Draft}}, and use the "Show preview" button (don't actually save).

For these reasons, this template is fully protected.

Namespace appearances sunting

Be aware that this template will appear differently in different namespaces. In particular, in the article namespace, there is an additional box of "Article policies". That box does not appear when this template is used in any other namespace (including the template namespace). Here is what the template looks like with the "Article policies" box:

Other differences include:

  • In article space, the phrase "This is not a forum for general discussion about the article's subject." appears (under the header).
  • The term "article" is used in article space; in other namespaces, the term "page" is used.
  • In the user namespace, the header line changes to read "This is USERNAME's talk page, where you can send messages and comments to USERNAME.".

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