Tien Feng (4 Jun 1928 - 22 Oktober 2015) adalah seorang pelakon Hong Kong kelahiran China. Dia mula berlakon bersama Bruce Lee dalam Fist of Fury (1972) dan bersama Jackie Chan dalam Little Tiger of Canton (1971), The Young Master (1980) dan Miracles (1989).

Tien Feng
Nama Cina (Tradisional)
Nama Cina (Ringkas)
PinyinTián Fēng (Mandarin)
Nama lahirTian Yu-kun ()
Lahir(1928-06-04)4 Jun 1928
Chengchow, Honan, China
Meninggal dunia22 Oktober 2015(2015-10-22) (umur 87)
Hong Kong
PekerjaanPelakon, Pengarah
Tahun aktif1949-2004


Tahun Tajuk Watak Nota
1949 Happenings in Ali Shan (阿里山風雲)
1952 A World of Springs (春滿人間)
1953 The Spring Harvest (嘉禾生春)
1953 War and Beauty (烽火麗人)
1953 The Island's Artery (寶島大動脈)
1956 A Place Without Women (沒有女人的地方)
1958 Bloody War (血戰)
1959 The Whore and the Holy One (蕩婦與聖女)
1960 Time is Running Short (喋血販馬場)
1960 Shark of the Pacific (大平洋之鯊) Rascal
1960 Conscience and Crime (良心與罪惡)
1960 Love Dreams (情天夢回)
1961 Maid of the Jungle (猿女孟麗絲)
1961 Song Without Words (無語問蒼天)
1961 Till the End of Time (紅顏青燈未了情)
1962 Bride-Napping (花田錯) Li Zhong opera film
1962 14,000 Witnesses (一萬四千個證人)
1962 The Magnificent Concubine (楊貴妃) captain cameo
1962 The Dream of the Red Chamber (紅樓夢) cameo, opera film
1962 Mid-Nightmare (夜半歌聲) 2-part film
1963 To Catch a Murderer (追兇記)
1963 Second Spring
1963 Revenge of a Swordswoman (原野奇俠傳) Xie Tianhua
1963 My Lucky Star (福星高照)
1963 Return of the Phoenix (鳳還巢) Marshall Hong opera film
1963 The Horrible Night (夜半驚魂)
1963 The Adulteress (楊乃武與小白菜)
1963 The Lady and the Thief
1964 Between Tears and Smiles (故都春夢) Adjutant Ding
1964 Bus Girl (巴士小姐)
1964 The Last Woman of Shang (妲己) Su Hu
1964 The Story of Sue San (玉堂春) Liu Pingyi opera film
1964 The Crimson Palm (血手印) Bao Xing opera film
1964 The Warlord and the Actress (血濺牡丹紅) Adjutant Ding
1965 The Butterfly Chalice (蝴蝶盃) Fisherman Hu opera film
1965 Sons of Good Earth (大地兒女) Tien Te-kuei
1965 The Grand Substitution (萬古流芳) Zu Ni
1965 Pink Tears (痴情淚) Fan Shih Ren
1965 The Lotus Lamp (寶蓮燈) Erlang Shen opera film
1965 The Lark (小雲雀) Publisher
1965 Vermillion Door (紅伶淚) Uncle Shang
1965 Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore (心花朵朵開) Shirley's eldest brother
1965 Temple of the Red Lotus (江湖奇俠) Dragon Jin
1965 Inside the Forbidden City (宋宮秘史) Chancellor Wang opera film
1965 The Twin Swords (鴛鴦劍俠) Dragon Jin
1966 The Blue and the Black (藍與黑) Adjutant Tsao 2-part film
1966 The Magnificent Trio (邊城三俠) Kao Pao Hsi
1967 Hong Kong Nocturne (香江花月夜) Yen Fang
1967 That Man in Chang-an (幪面大俠) Liu Heng
1967 Madame Slender Plum (慾海情魔) Police Investigator
1967 The Trail of the Broken Blade (斷腸劍)
1967 The Black Falcon (黑鷹) Wu Zhangfeng
1967 Operation Lipstick (網嬌娃)
1967 Four Sisters (黛綠年華) Uncle Ma
1967 The Thundering Sword (神劍震江湖) Du-bi Tao-chang
1967 The One-Armed Swordsman (獨臂刀) Chi Ju Feng
1967 Blue Skies (艷陽天)
1967 The Silent Swordsman (儒俠) Wu Hao Jan
1967 My Dream Boat (船) Chao Tai-shan
1967 Rape of the Sword (盜劍)
1967 The Mirror and the Lichee (新陳三五娘) Squire Lü opera film
1967 The Assassin (大刺客) Yen Chung Tzu
1968 Gun Brothers (千面大盜)
1968 Black Butterfly (女俠黑蝴蝶)
1968 The Silver Fox (玉面飛狐)
1968 The Magnificent Swordsman (怪俠) Yi Shing Lei
1968 The Sword of Swords (神刀) Fang Shih Tsiung
1969 Killers FivMaster (豪俠傳)
1969 Return of the One-Armed Swordsman (獨臂刀王) Ling Hsu
1969 Twelve Deadly Coins (十二金錢鏢) Yu Chien Ping
1969 Raw Courage (虎膽)
1969 Torrent of Desire (慾燄狂流) Mr. Lin
1970 The Winged Tiger (插翅虎) Master Yin
1970 Brothers Five (五虎屠龍) Long Zhenfeng
1970 My Son (春火) Inspector Yang
1970 The Secret of the Dirk (大羅劍俠)
1971 The Golden Seal (金印仇) also director
1971 The Shadow Whip (影子神鞭) Fang Chen Tian
1971 Long Road to Freedom (五枝紅杏)
1971 Vengeance of a Snowgirl (冰天俠女) Kao Yun
1971 Sunset (夕陽戀人) Qinghe
1971 The Oath of Death (萬箭穿心) Ma Qingting
1972 The Black Enforcer (黑靈官)
1972 Fist of Fury (精武門) Fan Chia Chi aka The Chinese Connection
1972 King Boxer (天下第一拳) Meng Tung Shun
1972 The 14 Amazons (十四女英豪)
1972 The Ghost of Night Crow (大搏殺)
1972 Filial Son (不共戴天)
1972 The Brothers (大地雙英)
1972 Crimes Are to Be Paid (五虎摧花)
1972 The Invasion (龍兄虎弟) Tang Ku
1972 Stranger in Hong Kong (香港過客) Li Szu
1973 Little Tiger of Canton (廣東小老虎) Jackie's foster father aka Club Tiger From Kuang Tung
1973 A Man Called Tiger (冷面虎)
1973 The Flying Tiger (飛虎小霸王)
1973 Back Alley Princess (馬路小英雄) Teacher Chiang
1973 Devil and Angel (魔鬼天使)
1973 The Brothers
1973 Death Comes in Three (蕩寇三狼)
1973 Seaman No. 7 (海員七號)
1973 The Awaken Punch (石破天驚)
1973 The Imprudent Iron Phoenix
1973 The Girl Named Iron Phoenix (古靈精怪女煞星)
1973 Win Them All (大小通吃)
1973 The Fate of Lee Khan (迎春閣之風波) Lee Khan
1974 Monkey Fist (猴拳寇四) Kang
1974 Naughty, Naughty (綽頭狀元)
1974 The Bodyguard (赤膽好漢)
1974 The Snake Girl Drop In (蛇魔女大鬧都市)
1975 The Golden Triangle (金三角)
1975 Filial Son
1975 The Phantom Lute (鬼琵琶)
1975 A Haunted House (13號凶宅)
1975 The Girl with the Dexterous Touch (金粉神仙手)
1975 Shantung Man in Hong Kong (小山東到香港)
1976 Fierce Fist (水玲瓏)
1976 I Want More... (官人我要)
1976 Springtime in Pattaya (春滿芭提雅)
1976 The Double Double Cross (大江南北) also director
1977 The Martyrs (一鬥忠烈)
1977 The Kung Fu Kid (鐵拳小子)
1977 Chinese Connection 2 (唐山大兄2)
1977 The Fierce Fist
1977 Golden Nun (金尼姑)
1977 Hi, Honey (嗨親愛的)
1977 Love Rings a Bell (風鈴,風鈴)
1978 Adventure of Shaolin (三豐獨闖少林) Uncle
1978 Killers Two Sam Chan Chung Tung
1979 The Monk's Fight (武之湛舍利子)
1979 A Miracle of Leprosy (痲瘋女)
1979 Raining in the Mountain (空山靈雨)
1979 Legend of the Mountain (山中傳奇) Zhang
1980 The Young Master (師弟出馬) Master
1980 The Savior (救世者)
1980 Absolute Monarch (隻手遮天)
1980 The Sword (名劍) Fa Chin Shu
1981 The Executor (執法者)
1981 The Informer (線人)
1981 Dark Lady of Kung Fu (蝶無影)
1981 The Coldest Winter in Peking (皇天后土)
1981 Phantom Killer (粉骷髏)
1982 Dragon Lord (龍少爺) Dragon's father aka Young Master on Love
1982 Pink Thief (女賊)
1982 Ninja in the Dragon's Den (龍之忍者)
1983 Esprit d'amour (陰陽錯) Dr. Han
1983 General Invincible (撢武門)
1983 All the King's Men (天下第一) Chai Rong
1983 The Pier (碼頭)
1983 Dark Lady of the Butterfly
1983 A Fistful of Talons (虎鷹)
1985 The Time to Live and the Time to Die (童年往事)
1986 A Better Tomorrow (英雄本色) Father Sung
1986 Ninja Operation 4: Thunderbolt Angels (忍者太保之還魂鏢)
1987 Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids III (苦兒流浪記)
1987 Barefoot Angels (赤腳天使)
1988 The Revenge Ghost of the Tree (林投姐)
1989 Triads: The Inside Story (我在黑社會的日子) Uncle Kwan
1989 How to Be a Millionaire (發達秘笈)
1989 The Return (還鄉)
1989 Sentenced to Hang (三狼奇案) Wong Kam Shek
1989 Miracles (奇蹟) Elder Ku aka Mr Canton and Lady Rose
1990 Whampoa Blues (壯志豪情)
1990 No Risk, No Gain (至尊計狀元才) Yeung Chun
1990 Song of the Exile (客途秋恨) Hueyin's Grandfather
1991 Don't Fool Me (中環英雄) Yip Chi-mei
1991 Fantasy Romance (魔畫情) Taoist Priest
1991 Casino Raiders II (至尊無上II永霸天下) Uncle Fan
1991 God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai (賭俠II上海灘賭聖) Shanghai mayor
1991 Sex and Zen (玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑) Master Iron Doors uncreditd role
1992 Gun n' Rose (龍騰四海) Lung Yat-fu
1993 Green Snake (青蛇) Spider
1994 A Soul Haunted by Painting (畫魂)
1996 Fist of Legend 2: Iron Bodyguards
1999 Century Hero (千禧巨龍)
2004 The Passage (經過)
2004 Love of May (五月之戀) Zhao Gengsheng
2004 Eros Master Jin Segment 1: "The Hand"

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