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Koordinat: 53°20′N 08°00′W / 53.333°N 8.000°W / 53.333; -8.000

Ireland (disebut [i.rĕ.land] atau [ˈaɪrlənd , air.lĕnd]; Bahasa Ireland: Éire ˈeːɾʲə ; Bahasa Ulster-Scots: Airlann atau Airlan) ialah sebuah pulau di barat laut benua Eropah.

the Emerald Isle,
the Island of Saints and Scholars
Satellite image of Ireland
Gambar imej angkasa, October 2010
LokasiNorthern Europe or Western Europe[1]
Kedudukan luas20th

Secara politik, ia terbahagi kepada Republik Ireland dan Ireland Utara (sebahagian United Kingdom).


  1. ^ Irish Travellers are an officially recognised ethnic group in Northern Ireland under the Race Relations (Northern Ireland) Order, 1997. In the Republic of Ireland they are classed as a "social group". Census forms in both jurisdictions contain tick-boxes for respondents to describes themselves as being an Irish Traveller. For more information see:
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