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If a page does ''not'' fall into one of the nine categories listed under <<Wikipedia:Candidates_for_speedy_deletion|Candidates for speedy deletion>>, then you can not delete it without it spending five days on <<Wikipedia:Votes for deletion>> first. However, there are some pages that should not be listed on VfD at all, and should be kept. This section is about whether something should be listed on VfD, or just kept. Consider the following recommendations:
* Don't list stubs for articles that have potential, but list stubs that are nonsensical. Also, <<Wikipedia:Redirect|redirect>> or list stubs that likely will never become more than a simple definition. See <<WP:STUB|fix a stub>>.{| class="wikitable"
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* Don't list articles that just need heavy editing; instead, list them on <<Wikipedia:Pages needing attention|Pages needing attention>>, perhaps adding a warning notice such as a <<Wikipedia:NPOV dispute|NPOV dispute>> notice to clarify the type of attention needed. However, consider listing articles that are just <<Wikipedia:Patent nonsense|patent nonsense>>.
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