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| image = Eolophus roseicapilla -Wamboin, NSW, Australia -adult-8-2cp.jpg
| image_caption = Menyunting Burung Kakaktua Galah di [[Australia]]| image_caption = [[Galah]] in [[Australia]]
| image_alt = Cockatoo perching on a branch. Its plumage on the top of its head above its eyes is white and it has a horn-coloured beak. The rest of its head, its neck, and most of its front are pink. Its wings and tail are grey.
| regnum = Animalia
| phylum = [[Chordate|Chordata]]
| classis = [[Burung|Aves]]
| ordo = [[Psittaciformes]]
| familia = '''Cacatuidae'''
| familia_authority = [[George Robert Gray|G. R. Gray]] 1840
| type_genus = ''[[Cacatua]]'' <small>[[Vieillot]] 1817</small>
| synonyms =
*Plyctolophinae <small>[[Vigors]] 1825<ref>Suppressed by the [[International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature]] in Opinion 1949 (2000). {{Cite journal|author=ICZN|year=2000|title=Opinion 1949. ''Cacatua'' Vieillot, 1817 and Cacatuinae Gray, 1840 (Aves, Psittaciformes): conserved.|url=|journal=Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature|pages=66–67}}</ref></small>
| subdivision_ranks = Genera
| subdivision =''[[Probosciger]]''<br />
''[[Callocephalon]]''<br />
''[[Nymphicus]]''<br />
''[[Calyptorhynchus]]''<br />
''[[Eolophus]]''<br />
''[[Lophochroa]]''<br />
|range_map=Cockatoo distribution.png
|range_map_alt=Map showing southeastern Asia, Australia, Melanesia, and New Zealand. Islands in the Philippines and eastern Indonesia are colored red, east to the Solomon Islands, as is Australia with Tasmania. New Caledonia is colored blue.
|range_map_caption=Current range of cockatoos – red<br />Finds of recent fossils – blue
'''Burung Kakaktua''' adalah sebarang dari 21 [[spesies]] [[burung]] yang tergolong kepada [[keluarga (biologi)|keluarga]] '''Cacatuidae'''. Bersama dengan keluarga ''[[Psittacidae]]'' ([[burung kakaktua sebenar]]), mereka membuatkan [[arahan (biologi)|arahan]] ''[[Psittaciformes]]''.