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In 2005 Pullman was announced as joint winner of the [[Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award]] for children's literature.
== Sudut pandangan falsafah dan keagamaan ==
== Philosophical and religious perspective ==
Pullman is a Distinguished Supporter of the [[British Humanist Association]] and an Honorary Associate of the [[National Secular Society]].
However, Pullman has found support from other Christians, most notably [[Rowan Williams]], the [[Archbishop of Canterbury]]. These groups and individuals point out that Pullman's attacks are focused on the constraints of [[dogma|dogmatism]] and the use of religion to oppress, not on Christianity itself. Dr. Williams has gone so far as to propose that ''[[His Dark Materials]]'' be taught as part of [[religious education]] in schools. Moreover, even authors of works dedicated to critical appraisals of religious themes in his writing have described Pullman as a friendly and generous debating partner<ref>{{cite news|url=;$sessionid$SQEQJ5TJIJO1BQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/arts/2004/03/17/bodark17.xml&sSheet=/arts/2004/03/18/ixartright.html|title=The Dark Materials debate: life, God, the universe...|date=[[March 17]],[[2004]]|accessdate=2007-04-28|author=Robert Butler |publisher=[ The Telegraph]}}</ref>.
==Screen adaptations==
* A film adaptation of ''[[The Butterfly Tattoo]]'' [] is set to film in 2007. It is a Philip Pullman supported project to allow young artists a chance to get film industry experience.
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