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== Kerjaya Aktif ==
Sebagai seorang pemain remaja, beliau telah bermain untuk kelab Hungary paling terkenal, [[Ferencvaros]], dan beliau juga menunjukkan kemahiran beliau di dalam kelab [[Honved]] dan [[MTK Budapest]], kedua-dua adalah belah Divisyen Perdana Hungary. Sebagai seorang penjaga gol berkemahiran tinggi, beliau telah bermain banyak permainan bagi [[Pasukan bola sepak kebangsaan Hungary|pasukan remaja kebangsaan Hungary]], begitu juga dengan 13 dan pasukan-pasukan kebangsaan senior A. Selepas zaman bermainnya tamat, beliau menghabiskan kebanyakan masa beliau menunjuk ajar dan mengajar pemain-pemain muda di paras tertinggi.
== Pengurus pasukan ==
From 1977 to 1982, he worked as the coaching director for the [[MTK Budapest]]'s youth programme, and from 1982 to 1986 he was the [[Youth Coach Director]] for the [[Pasukan bola sepak kebangsaan Hungary|pasukan bola sepak kebangsaan Hungary]]. As one of his greatest achievements on that level, under his coaching and guidance, the [[Hungary national football team|Under-18 National Team of Hungary]], captured the [[European Youth Championship]] in [[Moscow]], in 1984.
Before moving on to the senior level, Bicskei successfully completed the, work, and graduated at the world renowned soccer academy in [[Cologne]], [[Germany]] in 1986. He is one of just a few [[Hungary|Hungarian]]-born coaches who was able to earn one of the most respected coaching diplomas in the world.{{citation needed|date=April 2008}} While in [[Germany]], he also studied philosophy, and learned to speak excellent [[German language|German]].
In 1987/88 Bicskei become head coach of [[Honved Budapest]], (that year, Honved won the National title and the Hungarian cup) and his professional career was off to a flying start. In 1989 he, was selected to coach the senior national team of Hungary. In 1991 he could not refuse a challenging offer from [[South Korea]] and he became head coach of [[Busan I'ParkDaewoo Royals]]. Under his direction, the club won the national title, and he was voted, manager of the year award in [[South Korea]]. From 1992 to 1994 he coached club [[FC Luzern]]<ref></ref> in [[Switzerland]]. In the 1995/96 he returned home briefly to coach [[MTK Budapest]].
Bicskei packed his suitcase again in 1995, this time to [[Saudi Arabia]] where he coached the [[Al-Riyadh]] club in the 1995/96 seasons. During his stay in [[Saudi Arabia]], he started working on his book, "Preparation of Young Footballs", a soccer achievement that not only complements, but also challenges everything that was written thus far on teaching young soccer players to achieve the highest level. After returning home, he coached [[Honved Budapest]] once again, 1996/97 seasons, and he was technical director at [[RABA ETO Gyor]] in the 1998/99 seasons.
Between 1998 and 2001 he served his second stint as the national coach of Hungary,<ref></ref> later becoming the technical director of the Hungarian Football Federation between 2006 and mid-2008.
In the second half of 2004, the [[FAM|Football Association of Malaysia]] selected Bertalan Bicskei, to succeed [[Allan Harris]]. Bicskei led the national side to third place at the regional [[Tiger Cup]] competition, but was demoted to youth development duties by [[FAM]] for his actions during a friendly against [[Singapore]] in [[Penang]] on 8 June 2005. Bicskei, disgusted by the standard of officiating, threw a bottle onto the pitch before confronting a Singapore player. In September 2005 the contract was terminated after mutual agreement.
Bicksei was given the job of [[Liberia national football team|Liberia]]'s national coach in July 2010 on a four-year contract, but had to take a leave of absence in February 2011 after being poisoned in Liberia.<ref>[ Troubling Moment For Liberian Football (Liberian]</ref>
He has an adopted son called Wilson.
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