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(→‎Please block: bahagian baru)
:The changes made by the user is valid. What he did is fixing the internal link from P[[ulau Manda]] to [[Pulau Manda]]. Pulau is a Malay word for island. Hence I've reverted your changes. --[[Pengguna:Kurniasan|Kurnia]]{{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|Kurniasan||&nbsp;<sup>[ [[Perbincangan pengguna:Kurniasan|bual]] ]</sup>}} 13:27, 9 Mac 2019 (UTC)
::I see, pardon for my action, he's keep reverting and editing many pages so I do mass revert for his undo, because 90% of his crosswiki edits are either vandalism or spamming, anyway, both account of [ Atsym] and [ Worogano] Have been locked by stewards, thank you.-<font style="font-weight: bold; background-color: #FF0000; color: #ffffff;">[[User:Aldnonymous|AldNon]]</font>/[[m:SWMT|SWMT]] 13:30, 9 Mac 2019 (UTC)
== Please block ==
Hello please block [[Khas:Sumbangan/Aldnonymous_1993]] for copying my name and vandalism.-<font style="font-weight: bold; background-color: #FF0000; color: #ffffff;">[[User:Aldnonymous|AldNon]]</font>/[[m:SWMT|SWMT]] 13:26, 18 Mac 2019 (UTC)