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Notice about one or more freely licensed files. Please help check!
k (Notice about one or more freely licensed files. Please help check!)
==Dijemput mengundi rencana pilihan==
''' Rencana [[Nota (filem)|Nota]] telah dicalonkan sebagai rencana pilihan bulan Januari 2016. Sila ke [[Wikipedia:Calon rencana pilihan]] untuk mengundi. Wikipedia memerlukan sekurang kurangnya satu undian untuk menyokong. Terima kasih.-[[Pengguna:Mrpresidentfaris|Mrpresidentfaris]] ([[Perbincangan pengguna:Mrpresidentfaris|bincang]]) 10:09, 12 Januari 2016 (UTC)
== Freely licensed file(s) ==
Hi! You have uploaded one or more files with a free license. I have added an information template to the file(s) if there were none. You can see all free files in [[:Kategori:Unidentified subjects in Malaysia]] and there is a link you can click to see who uploaded the files (just search for your own name).
You can help by checking if all the information is there and in the right place. If not please add or move the information.
If information is not there and if it is not possible to add it then nominate for deletion.
Once all the information is there the file can probably be moved to Commons. You can do so if you know how. If you need help you are welcome to ask [[Pengguna:MGA73]]. --[[Pengguna:MGA73bot|MGA73bot]] ([[Perbincangan pengguna:MGA73bot|bincang]]) 14:17, 21 Februari 2021 (UTC)