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'''Masjid Sultan Hassan II''' ({{lang-ar|مسجد الحسن الثاني}}) adalah sebuah masjid yang terletak di [[Casablanca]], [[Maghribi]]. Direka oleh [[arkitek]] [[Perancis]],[[Michel Pinseau]] dan [[Bouygues]],<ref>[ BouyguesLaman websiteweb Bouygues: Masjid Sultan Hassan II Mosque]</ref>masjid ini merupakan masjid yang kedua terbesar di dunia (selepas [[Masjid Al-Haram|Masjid al-Haram]] di [[Mekah]]). [[Menara masjid]] ini adalah yang tertinggi di dunia iaitu setinggi 200m.
[[Image:Hassan2.jpg|thumb|250px|left|Hassan 2]]
Hampir setengah permukaan masjid ini terletak di lautan Atlantik. Hal ini diilhamkan dari [[ayat]] [[Qur'an]] yang menyatakan "[[Arasy]] Allah berada di atas air".
Built on reclaimed land, almost half of the surface of the mosque lies over the Atlantic water. This was inspired by the [[Ayah|verse]] of the [[Qur'an]] that states "the throne of God was built on the water". Part of floor of this facility is glass so worshippers can kneel directly over the sea; above, spotlights shine at night from the top of the [[minaret]] toward [[Mecca]].
These features were specifically requested by King Hassan II, who declared, "I want to build this mosque on the water, because God's throne is on the water. Therefore, the faithful who go there to pray, to praise the creator on firm soil, can contemplate God's sky and ocean."
It also includes a number of modern touches: it was built to withstand [[earthquakes]] and has a heated floor, electric doors, and a sliding roof.
The mosque displays strong [[Moorish]] influence and the architecture of the building is similar to that of the [[Alhambra]] and the [[Mezquita]] in [[Spain]]. This and the old [[Tin Mal Mosque]] are the only mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims. Non-Muslims may view the interior on hour-long guided tours that depart several times daily.<ref><em>The Rough Guide to Morocco</em></ref>
Rekaan ini diminta sendiri oleh Sultan Hassan II, yang menyatakan, "Saya mahu membina masjid ini di atas [[air]], kerana [[Arasy Allah]] berada di atas air. Maka, orang yang beriman dapat bersolat dapat berzikir di atas tanah dan menjiwai langit Tuhan dan laut"
Masjid ini juga mempunyai senibina moden: masjid ini dapat bertahan dari [[gempa bumi]] dan mempunyai lantai berhaba, pintu [[elektrik]] dan bumbung mudah alih.
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