Perbezaan antara semakan "Kebudayaan Islam"

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[[File:Patio de los Arrayanes.jpg|thumb|225px|The fortress-palace of [[Alhambra]], a testament to the height of Islamic civilization in Europe, is one of Spain's most popular tourist attractions]][[File:OldMosqueStepss.jpg|thumb|225px|Northeast entrance to Dehli's [[Jama Masjid, Delhi|Jama Masjid]].]]
[[File:Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istambul.jpg|thumb|225px|Istanbul's [[Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Istanbul)|Sultan Ahmed Mosque]] was completed in 1616]]
[[Image:Kubadabad.jpg|thumb|225px|Tile depiction of a [[peacock]] dating to the [[Ottoman Empire|Ottoman Era]], from [[Kubadabad Palace]]]]