Templat:Jangan pindah ke Commons

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Usage sunting

This template must be accompanied by the appropriate copyright tag.

It takes an optional argument expiry that hides the message at the end of the given year. For example, if a work by an author who died in 1950 was first published in a country whose copyright term is life plus 70 years, expiry would be 2020, and the message would automatically disappear in 2021, when the image would be automatically placed into Kategori:Media yang kini sesuai untuk Commons. As long as file can not be moved to Commons it is placed into Kategori:Media yang kini jangan sesuai untuk Commons.

Examples sunting

{{Do not move to Commons}}
Always shows the template.
{{Do not move to Commons|expiry=2020}}
Shows the message until December 31, 2020, but hides it starting January 1, 2021.
For situations where more clarification as to why it should not be uploaded to Commons is needed.