Alfred Paget (1879–1919) pelakon filem senyap Inggeris. Beliau telah muncul dalam 239 buah filem di antara 1908 dan 1918. Pada musim panas tahun 1919, beliau menghidap demam malarial dan meninggal dunia pada 9 Oktober 1919 di Winnipeg.

Alfred Paget
Alfred Paget, 1916
Kelahiran(1879-06-02)2 Jun 1879
Meninggal dunia9 Oktober 1919(1919-10-09) (umur 40)
Tahun aktif1908–1918
PasanganLeila Halstead Paget

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Alfred Paget sebagai Prince Belshazzar Babylon dalam Intolerance (1916).
Tahun Filem Peranan
1908 Romance of a Jewess
1909 The Red Man's View
1910 The Two Brothers
A Romance of the Western Hills
The Unchanging Sea Penduduk kampung
In the Border States
A Flash of Light Tetamu majlis perkahwinan
The House with Closed Shutters
1911 His Trust
What Shall We Do with Our Old?
The Lily of the Tenements
Enoch Arden
The Indian Brothers
A Country Cupid
The Last Drop of Water
Out from the Shadow
The Blind Princess and the Poet
The Battle
The Miser's Heart
A Woman Scorned
1912 The Old Bookkeeper
For His Son I
Under Burning Skies
The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch
One Is Business, the Other Crime
The Lesser Evil
A Temporary Truce
The Spirit Awakened
The Inner Circle
Blind Love
Two Daughters of Eve
The Chief's Blanket
In the Aisles of the Wild
The Musketeers of Pig Alley
Gold and Glitter
My Baby The Married Sister's Husband
The Informer
The New York Hat
My Hero
The Burglar's Dilemma
A Cry for Help
1913 The Telephone Girl and the Lady
An Adventure in the Autumn Woods
Oil and Water
Broken Ways
A Girl's Stratagem
The Sheriff's Baby
A Misunderstood Boy
The Left-Handed Man
The Tenderfoot's Money
The House of Darkness
Just Gold
A Timely Interception
Red Hicks Defies the World
The Mothering Heart
Two Men of the Desert
A Woman in the Ultimate
A Modest Hero
The Battle at Elderbush Gulch W
1914 Judith of Bethulia
Brute Force
The Rebellion of Kitty Belle
1915 Enoch Arden
1916 Pathways of Life
Intolerance Prince Belshazzar
The Heiress at Coffee Dan's[1] Bert Gallagher
1917 Nina, the Flower Girl
Big Timber Charlie Benton
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Sultan
1918 Cupid's Round Up Jim Cocksey

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