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[[Image:CotswoldMorrisHandkerchiefs20040501 CopyrightKaihsuTai.jpg|thumb|right|Cotswold morris with handkerchiefs]]
Suatu '''tarian morris''' adalah sebentuk [[tarian rakyat]] [[England|Inggeris]] biasanya ditemani dengan muzik. Ia berasas rhythmicrentak steppingberirama anddan themelaksanakan executiontokoh-tokoh ofkoreograf choreographedoleh figuressekumpulan by a group of dancerspenari. Implements such as sticks, swords, [[handkerchief]]s and bells may also be wielded by the dancers. In a small number of dances for one or two men, steps are performed near and across a pair of clay [[tobacco]] pipes laid across each other on the floor.
Claims that English records, dating back to 1448, mention the morris dance are open to dispute. There is no mention of "morris" dancing earlier than the late 15th century, although early records such as [[Bishops]]'<!-- Does "Bishop" refer here to an individual named Bishop, or to bishops of the church? This is unclear. --> "Visitation Articles" mention sword dancing, guising and other dancing activities as well as [[mumming play]]s. Furthermore, the earliest records invariably mention "Morys" in a court setting, and both men and women are mentioned as dancing, and a little later in the [[Lord Mayor's Show|Lord Mayors' Procession]]s in [[London]]. It is only later that it begins to be mentioned as something performed in the parishes. There is certainly no [[evidence]] that it is a pre-[[Christian]] ritual, as is often claimed.
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