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{{cquote|Wayang ini sendiri cuba untuk menangkap berbagai bilangan pandangan; dari pengganas, keluarga mangsa dan orang asing. Walaupun dikategorikan sebagai sebuah filem ciri, LRTH berasaskan kajian yang sebenarnya di mana setiap pihak diacarakan dengan seimbang, oleh itu kami berharap para penonton akan mengambil pihak pada hati berkemanusiaan dan ketenteraman.[http://www.kalyanashira.com/longroadtoheaven/english/main.html] }}
Tayangan filem telah dilarang di pulau [[Bali]].[http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21271709-1702,00.html] Seorang pegawai dari papan filem provinsi berkata Long Road to Heaven dapat "membuka balik luka lama". I Gusti Ngurah Gde, ketua papan filem Bali, berkata: "Kami bimbang orang tidak mengerti bahawa ia akan membawa perselisihan dan kebencian selanjutnya terhadap sebuahsuatu kumpulan." [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6387721.stm]
==Sinopsis Chronological==
===Planning Stage===
This portion of the film takes place in a hotel in [[Thailand]], where [[Hambali]] (Saputra) is meeting with other members of [[Jemaah Islamiah]], termasuk [[Muklas]]. Hambali ingin me wishes to strike back for the capture of the Jemaah Islamiyah agents in [[Singapore]], where an attempted bombing was stopped. He also wishes to make a statement by carrying out the next attack in September, when remembrance for the [[September 11, 2001 attacks|September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center Attacks]] will be at its highest. Muklas presses Hambali to change to another, softer location because security in Singapore will be too tight for any plans to succeed, and they will be unable to make the attacks by September if they are to happen in Singapore. He also suggests Bali for the location of the bombing. After putting the idea to a vote, the bombing is approved for Bali.
===Execution of the Attack===
In Bali, [[Imam Samudra]], as well as [[Amrozi]] and his brother [[Ali Imron]] begin making preparations for the attack. They pick [[Paddy's Pub]] and the [[Sari Club]] as the best targets for bombing because it will minimize Indonesian casualties because both cater exclusively to foreigners. The brothers then contact a bombmaker and request that he make a special bomb which will maximize casualties. The day before the attack, the garage where they are building the bombs is visited by police following noise complaints. Ali Imron manages to stall the police, giving the bombmaker time to hide any incriminating evidence. After the police leave, Amrozi congratulates his brother for his quick thinking.
The next day, Amrozi, Imron, and the person who will activate the bomb park outside the Sari Club and wait for the backpack bomb to explode. Imron shows doubt about what they are doing, but in the end does not stop the bombing. Amrozi and Imron leave, and everything goes as planned.
Across the city, Hannah Catrelle (Foulkes) is awakened by the explosion. She rushes out to the site on her motorcycle, and is asked to bring an injured man to the hospital, where he later dies of his wounds. Catrelle is asked to bring the body to the morgue, where she sees a scorched corpse wearing a necklace similar to hers. She returns to the site and helps Hajj Ismail (Pandelaki) co-ordinate the rescue efforts. She is approached by Tim Dawson (O'Hare), who asks her if she has seen his daughter, and shows her a picture. Catrelle recognizes the necklace, and says that she thinks that Dawson's daughter is in the morgue. She leads him to the body, but Dawson says that it is not his daugter. Catrelle shows him the necklace that the corpse is wearing, and Dawson collapses in grief.
Returning to the site of the explosion, Catrelle snaps at Hajj, asking him what [[Muslim]]s want by causing grief such as this. Pak Haji tells her that he is hurt by her generalisation, and explains that Islam is a peaceful faith, and the perpetrators of the bombing do not have a proper understanding of [[Islam]] or the [[Qur'an]]. Catrelle apologizes and explains that she moved to Bali because it was her boyfriend's favourite place in the world. She then explains that her boyfriend died in the World Trade Center attacks, and they buried an empty casket because his body was never found. Haji apologizes, just before a rescuer rushes up to them and says they have found a survivor. Catrelle recognizes Julie Dawson (Treleven), and tells Dawson that her father is looking for her. Having found Julie Dawson, Catrelle wonders who the corpse is. Deciding that the dead victim shouldn't be buried namelessly, Catrelle asks around, and finds nothing. She almost gives up, but sees Tim and Julie Dawson one last time. Tim thanks her and walks off, but, after being asked about her necklace, Julie reveals that she gave it to a friend at the club. Julie then tells Catrelle the victim's name. Catrelle returns to the morgue, and writes the victims name on a piece of paper. A corpse with an elephant tattoo is also seen.
===The trials===
Seven months after the bombing, Australian reporter Liz Thompson (Hill) goes to Bali to cover the trials. She hires a taxi driver and translator, Wayan Diya (Komang), to take her around the island. Diya at first refuses, but Thompson pushes him and triples the amount she originally offered in order to pay for his service. They first go to the location of the bombing, where Thompson takes pictures of the site, then to the trial, where Thompson covers a portion of Amrozi's trial. While she is in the courtroom, Diya goes to a nearby restaurant to watch the trial, and later throws a rock in the direction of Amrozi while Amrozi is transferring to the police transport. Realizing how stressful it is for Diya, Thompson tells him that she is sorry, and says that she doesn't need any more help. In order to try and mend fences, Thompson inquires Diya about his elephant tattoo. Diya explains that it is [[Ganesha]], and one day when they were drunk, he and his brother had it done together.
==Lakonan dan Kakitangan==
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