Perbezaan antara semakan "Presiden Argentina"

Some newer presidential symbols, which do not yet qualify as traditional, are the presidential planes and helicopter. The most famous presidential airplane, known as "[[Tango 01]]" (a simile of [[United States of America|U.S.]] [[Air Force One]], owes its name to the denomination of ''T'' (pronounced ''tango'' in the [[NATO phonetic alphabet|NATO alphabet]]) for ''Transport'', which creates an interesting word-game for the Argentine classical [[Tango music]], known all over the world. The presidential helicopter is the usual mean of transport for the daily trip between the ''Quinta de Olivos'' and the ''Casa Rosada'', and the other way round.
== Sejarah jawatan Ketua Negara ==
== History of the Head of State office ==
=== Kerajaan pra-autonomi ===
The origins of Argentina as a nation can be traced to 1776, when the territory of the country was separated, by the [[King of Spain|Spanish King]] decision, from the existing [[Viceroyalty of Peru]], creating the new [[Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata]]. The Head of State continued to be the [[monarch|King]], but it was represented locally by the designated [[Viceroy]]. These Viceroys where seldom natural-born in the country, so this period if considered of colonial dependence to Spain.