Mohamed Zain Alexander Mohamed Deris , better known as Zain Alexander (lahir di Bachok, Kelantan, 30 Januari 1982; umur 42 tahun) is a Malaysian  actor berketurunan Kelantanese dan Melayu

Zain Alexander
Mohamed Zain Alexander Mohamed Deris

(1982-01-30) 30 Januari 1982 (umur 42)  
Nama lain
  • Zain
  • Alex
Tahun aktif2013 - kini
Ketinggian178 cm (5 ka 10 in)
PasanganSheena T (Ex Fiance)
IbuSara Abrahman
BapaMohamed Deris



He first got involved in the acting world when he, along with his mother and brother, became part of a TV drama revolving around family when he was 19 years old accidentally.

Personal Life


He is the youngest child of a couple named Mohamed Deris and Sara Abrahman, both of whom have mixed heritage Kelantanese, Melayu.

Zain Alexander is a Malaysian actor, was born on January 30th in Kelantan, located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. He received his early education in Kelantan before later moving to Terengganu. However, he eventually returned to Kelantan to pursue his education at a prestigious boarding school.

Zain Alexander Mohamed is the son of Sara Abrahman and Mohamed Deris. After completing his secondary education, he made the decision to forgo further studies and embark on a career path. He underwent a three-month course with a local bank and subsequently worked as a Teller Clerk there. Spending a year with the bank, he eventually set his sights on a different aspiration.

Initially, Zain accompanied a friend to an interview for a flight attendant position at an airline company. To his delightful surprise, he was personally selected to join as a flight attendant. This marked the beginning of his journey with Malaysia Airlines, a renowned five-star airline.

Although Zain was at the early stages of his career as a flight attendant, new doors of opportunity began to open for him. He received several offers to explore the realm of acting, as well as modeling for advertisements and magazines and even singing. Despite his commitment as a flight attendant, he had to decline acting and singing offers but still embraced select opportunities as a part-time model, primarily during his off-duty periods. It is worth noting that Zain had never envisioned himself venturing into the entertainment industry, despite harboring a passion for it since childhood.

Zain Alexander Mohamed serves as an exemplary figure, driven to pursue his dreams and maximize the opportunities presented to him. Beyond his role as a world-traveling flight attendant, he continues to delve into other domains such as acting and engaging in part-time modeling endeavors.

In his early involvement as an actor, he participated in several projects, including portraying the role of Sultan Mahmud Shah in "Malacca: Unwritten" alongside Haeryanto Hassan and Zain Hamid. However, his major debut came through the 26-episode series "Good Evening, Tan Sri" where he worked with a talented ensemble cast including Eizlan Yusuf, Marisa Yasmin, Haliza Misbon, Julia Zeigler, Reen Rahim, Idris Khan, and many others. Once again, he shared the screen with Haeriyanto Hassan. In this 26-episode drama, Zain Alexander played the antagonist character named Hadi, a journalist.



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  • Tahyul (2018) as Daniel (Astro Citra)

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